Urd uses a diffrent kind of magic, not your typical stuff. She uses magic that is usually in the form of potions of love, and other assorted varieties. It's important to note that Urd has many potions in her room, so you gotta wonder how many she carries around, and what all they are.
She can transport herself, but not into another realm (aKa she can't disappear without the aide of a TV, or video device). This is how she first came into the mortal domain.
Urd also has the ability to cast the Ultimate Magic Circle of Warning, since she is the Goddess of the Past. It is a sacred Circle, and you can use it only with permission, if you disobey, and do not have permission, you can be demoted, or have your license revoked. (I.E. Urd had her Goddess license revoked for 6 months and Skuld was demoted to a Service World Trainee)

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