Urd, Belldandy, and Skuld

That's right, can't forget her 2 sisters, Belldandy and Skuld.

Belldandy - Belldandy is the Class 1 unlimited license Goddess. She has a contract with Keiichi Morisato which binds her to the mortal world, but she doesn't mind. Belldandy is beautiful, kind, a great cook, and a good goddess. Belldandy is the younger sister of Urd, elder sister of Skuld, and is not as powerful as Urd, but more powerful than Skuld. Her alternate power is sleep, and her angel is Holy Bell, a wind angel.

Skuld - The youngest of the 3 Goddess's, and the weakest, Skuld's main power is in mechinary. She's got a mech fetish. She's currently a Surface World Trainee Goddess. She is held to the mortal world by that status. Skuld get's teased by Urd a lot, and Belldandy is her favorite sister. Though Skuld tries real hard, she's not as powerful as her sisters. Her alternate power is ice cream (especially 31 Flavors, AkA Baskin Robins 131), and her angel is Nobel Scarlet, a water angel.
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