Name: Urd
Age : 24 years old
Height : 170cm or 5ft5in (nearly 6in)
Three Sizes (in cm) : 90 - 60 - 91
Class : Grade Two, Restricted, Limited License
Domain : The Past
Alternate Source of Energy : Alchoholic beverages, preferably sake.
Method of Manifestation : Television screen
Angel : World Of Elegance
Hobbies : Watching TV, drinking sake, virus collecting, making potions, and helping out on people's love life.
Romantic Life: Once dated the spirit of a Cherry Tree.
Goddess Job: Yggdrasil System Maintainer
Japanese Voice actress : Touma Yumi
English Voice actress : Lanelle Markgraff

Making an Appearance
Urd made her appearance into Keiichi's life in Manga Vol. 2, or Graphic Novel #1 (1-555-Goddess, Sexy Sister), and Anime Tape 2 (Midsummer Night's Dream).

Urd is the half sister of Belldandy, Goddess First Class Unlimited, and Skuld, Goddess Grade 2, Second Class, limited license. Both are her younger sisters.
Why her half sister? Urd is not only a goddess, but she's half demon as well. This explains her reckless wild side compared to that of her sisters. It also explains the fact that Urd lies. ^_^ (Belldandy once told Keiichi that goddess's never lie) Also, it explains her Angel, World of Elegance, half white, half black.

Urd's Realm
Urd holds the realm of The Past. If the Yggdrasil System crashes (as it did once), and Urd has no other source of energy, then she will regress into the past, and become smaller and smaller until she disappears. Since Belldandy holds the symbol of the present, she doesn't really have anything happen to her, and Skuld progress's and becomes an adult. However if Urd has alcohol, then she will not regress. But Urd likes expensive sake....^_^

Grade Two, Restricted, Limited License?
Yep, that's what it says. For punishment Urd's Goddess License has been sent to the shredding machine practically. Don't forget, Urd is a bad girl. ^_-

Angel: World of Elegance
Urd's Angel is World of Elegance. The introduction of Elegance came about when Skuld built a machine to increase her power so she could call her Angel, Nobel Scarlet who is an Angel of Water. Skuld did not have enough power as a goddess, so Nobel turned into an egg, and Skuld and Keiichi were trapped inside a wall of water. Belldandy obtains her Angel, Holy Bell, but can't do anything, because Holy is an Angel of Wind. Belldandy asks Urd to help and use her Angel, and Urd obtains World of Elegance, an Angel of Fire, and sets them free.

Virus Collecting
Wierd hobby, hai? I'll stick to anime. Yes, Urd collects virus's, and in manga Vol. 16 she uses a virus to disable a wish Belldandy granted Keiichi. But of course, that didn't work.

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